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Nozzle ADXL V1 (F072 version)

How to flash

1. Flashing Klipper

  • SSH into your Raspberry Pi.
  • Go to the Klipper directory
cd klipper
  • Clean remaining files from previous build.
make clean
  • Choose the options for the build.
make menuconfig

Use the following options:

Press Q then Y to save and quit the menu.

  • Build.
  • Connect your Nozzle ADXL v1 to your Raspberry Pi in DFU mode by bridging the DFU pins.

  • Use lsusb and find the device in DFU mode.
  • Flash it. Replace the ID with the ID from the previous step.
make flash FLASH_DEVICE=1234:5678
  • When finished, disconnect and connect your Nozzle ADXL v1 again to your Raspberry Pi.
  • Check the serial connections and find the path startting with /dev/serial/by-id/usb-Klipper_stm32f072.
ls /dev/serial/by-id/*

2. Klipper Config



No device found in boot mode

If you encounter the error No device found in boot mode, follow the steps:

  • Unplug the Nozzle ADXL from your SBC
  • Jump the DFU pins

  • Plug the Nozzle ADXL to your SBC again
  • Confirm that the Nozzle ADXL is ready to be flashed

  • Run the update script again