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MagBed System

How to assemble

1. Unboxing and Verification

Open the MagBed system package and ensure all components are present.

2. Preparing Components

Detach the backer screws and set aside both the backer and the heater. Angle the fixture plate at 45 degrees in front of you.

3. Magnet Placement

Set the fixture plate on a spring steel sheet. Start populating the magnet pockets from the furthest row and work towards yourself, alternating the magnet's polarity with each row.

4. Securing Magnets

Apply a small amount of RTV silicone behind each magnet to keep them in place. This prevents the magnets from dislodging when the spring steel is removed.


SmCo magnets are brittle and can shatter if the spring steel is replaced without securing.

5. Installing Sheet Stops

Install the sheet stops, which feature a 1mm x 1mm notch designed to accommodate our spring steel. Install them accordingly.


If you are using a Revision 1 system, it does not include sheet stops. Please skip this step.

6. Reassembly

Reassemble the heater pad and backer.